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Relmax Affiliate Program Terms

We accept anyone to participate in our Affiliate Program; there are no restrictions.

You are allowed to refer clients to us in any way possible EXCEPT SPAM! Any affiliate found to be spamming will lose all of his or her money in the account and the account itself will be permanently closed.

Standard Affiliates are paid a commission of 8-15% on orders sent to Relmax Inc. As you send more orders, your commission percentage grows. The Affiliate's commission is 8% for the first order sent to us in a given month. For the second order (in the same month) the commission is 9%, and so on up to 15% for eight referrals or more in a month. Crossing the threshold of ten referrals in a month makes you a Premium Affiliate with a fixed commission rate of 15%.
To maintain Premium Affiliate status you must continue to send a minimum of three orders a month.

Orders a month% of commission
10+Premium Affiliate

Standard Affiliates are paid on the 5th of the month following referral activity, if there is at least $30 in the account. Premium affiliates get paid twice a month: on the 20th of the current month and on the 5th of the following month if at least $30 was added to the account since the last payment and before the end of the previous month.

If you wish your account to grow to a certain amount over the $30 minimum before you are paid, please notify us at Include your Affiliate ID number in the email.

Relmax Inc. reserves the right to terminate any account without paying a commission if these terms were violated or with a final payment if they were not. Affiliates have the right to terminate their account at any time by e-mailing The accumulated commission will be paid at the next scheduled opportunity.

Relmax Inc. reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time without notice.

If you have any questions please e-mail


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