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Отзывы наших клиентов о нас:

- Patricia Haumann ( -

       SbySC has had a beautiful website for over a year and received some hits - mostly by local customers & Oberlin College students.
       In May of 2000 I was contacted by Relmax Inc.
       Mikhail Aranovsky helped me with a shopping cart, newsletter, and a super stats check. Mikhail is always available to answer questions & responds within hours to any of my inquires. He is always patient with my lack of computer knowledge.
       My website is now very easy to work with and is receiving more hits than ever. I am now getting orders off the Internet.
       To put it simply, I am getting Results from my website now that Relmax is involved.

- Holly Stabin ( -

       I must say that I enjoy working with you. Thanks for meeting the deadline.

- Igor Efimov ( -

       WEB-site of my laboratory is nice and easy to maintain. Assistance was always in time and to the point. I look forward to work with you.

- Orlando Castillo -

       I'm very impressed at how easy everything sets up and works. The Relmax customer service has been very helpful and quick to respond to every question that I have had. I really appreciate how quick my account was setup. You also seemed to be one of the few that had good pricing, features I was looking for, and you all looked organized. I will be sure to recommend your services to others who are interested. Thanks.

- Robert Haas ( -

       You guys hit the nail in the head with the design. Thanks for all of your help!! You are really making things go smoothly on my end.

- Sandra Bond (World Class Production Services) -

       Thank you for the excellent speedy service, it is great! Anytime you need a referance for a new client you can send them my way.

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